An Introduction to the Musings

Hello there and welcome.


I’m a quintessentially English individual living in Portugal and this page is for the rants, stories and thoughts that enter my head during my everyday battles with the rapid crush that is life.

This blog presents a mixture of musings on topics in the UK, Portugal, Spain and South America, veering from the serious and researched, to the creative and invented.

It is not a forum of daily updates, here to advise you on the latest travel, food, lifestyle, or current affairs.

It is not intended to offend nor prescribe, but simply amuse and present.

It’s merely a cluster of thoughts and impressions, handpicked and rewritten in the hope that they will entertain and inspire.


These musings have been divided into the following categories:

  1. Articles and Columns – A selection of pieces written for magazines, newspapers and other blogs.
  2. Life – A slightly miscellaneous heading, encompassing observations that neither took place abroad, nor were worthy of the Article and Columns title.
  3. Musings Abroad – A compilation of moments from my time living abroad in Spain, Argentina and Portugal.
  4. Photos – I also dabble in picture taking. Here you can admire amateur photography at its most amateur.